Friday, January 30, 2009

UNISIM has left me speechless

Trying to log into the school's portal for the past 1 week, and what I and many others (as I googled) discovered that it appeared to either be hacked in someway or the other.

Using FireFox to get to the website and this appears:

While a Google search displays:

Among many others. Just try search terms like “unisim attack site”, “unisim firefox problem”, etc... and you'll get loads of interesting serach results... Not so helpful when you have notes to download and assignments to handup. The school did not even bother to inform the students of what is happening!

The school finally sent an email today saying:
IT dept has resolved the issue. Please use Microsoft Internet Explorer & access directly.

However, as to most of the forum posts, have noted that while you will be able to access the site using Internet Explorer, their AVs (Avira, NOD32, among others) detected a virus on the site... which leaves me somewhat baffled... if it's really safe..

So what works:

What doesn't:

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