Thursday, September 04, 2008

Survey shows Gen Y S’poreans tend to job—hop, prefer younger supervisors

SINGAPORE : Human resource practitioners need to adopt a different approach to attract and

According to its recent survey, 7 in 10 Generation Y workers aged between 19 and 30 think it is normal to job—hop, and they also want instant recognition for their work.

But this poses a problem for human resource practitioners.

"If we are not able to meet their expectations in that area, they may not feel committed to the position or to the company... and so they may leave after some years. That is something we need to tackle," said Joanne Lim, a HR practitioner.

The survey also revealed that Generation Y workers prefer younger supervisors who are aged 40 and below, and they expect them to be open minded, understanding and easy to get along with.

"If employers can better understand this group of people with regards to their value system, the way they would like to be seen and work, the way they want to collaborate with the older generation in the workforce, then I think we can better harness ways on what this (group of) Gen Y workers can bring to the business," said David Ang, executive director of the Singapore Human Resources Institute.

The institute said companies should review their existing HR practices and adopt more flexible policies for this group of workers. — CNA /ls
More often than not, it's the companies who don't think of their employees, with so many being on contract basis; very rarely do you get permanent positions. Than again, that also depends on the industry you are in. I guess the mentality is that of looking out for one's own interest, if you don't who will? The company you work for definitely won't not matter what HR policies they have....

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