Monday, October 01, 2007

unreasonable ones

Irresponsible dog owners, a pretty sad fact if you ask me. What I can't stand are those people who buy a dog on a whim and then decide to abandon it because they realize that they cannot cope. In the first place, don't buy if you know you can't do it. And second, just because you can't does that mean you can just abandon a living creature. What is more irritating is that one such person is one that I know. Is that even justified?

Just because you can't handle the innocent dog, you also refuse to allow anyone to help you. You assume that since you can't handle it, that equates to no one else in the family can. It's just better if its given away. Everything is done to your whim and fancy. You fear the unkown, knowing full well of the risks you had to take and yet you went ahead. You alone call the shots, you assume people actually understand you. And now you get cold feet.

You 'decide' what's best even when it's not, you never listen to other people's opinion, never considering their feelings, only yours. So please don't blame me if I appear to be heartless. I really couldn't care less. You and your particularities, you and your unreasonable ways.

Now just because you feel 'tired', you want to give up. Do you listen to people's suggestion? No. You only want your own solution, but yet you never take action. And if others do not take action first, you will do something drastic.

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